Approved for Economic Citizenship

Coast 2 Coast , is located at the South East Peninsula of St. Kitts, and is within 10 minutes drive from the Frigate Bay Resort District, and 15 minutes from downtown Basseterre. The development comprises spectacular rolling hills, steep cliffs, and secluded coves and beaches. The northern most boundary of the land extends from Friars Estate, while the southernmost end of the property shares a border with CHRISTOPHE HARBOUR Development. With easy access, the Project includes approximately 300 acres with panoramic views of both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, with a full spectrum of development opportunities.

The Master Plan illustrates the proposed zoned developments covering RESORT, COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL areas. Opportunity parcels of land ranging from 10 acres and up are also available. Resort areas optimize utilization of the beach and water front property while respecting access and setback requirements. Residential plots will be offered in phases in a range of sizes to suit a wide market. Commercial zones are strategically located to service and support the various Resort and Residential phases of the development. The development will be executed in phases commencing with the exclusive waterfront development, Peninsula Cove , consisting of twelve breath taking villa lots on the Caribbean coast.







The development layout has been designed to optimise access to and views from the lots, with all utility services underground and state of the art communications. With a welcoming entrance and taughtfully planned infrastructure, owners will enjoy the privacy and services necessary to maximize the lifestyle of their choice.

Lot prices range from US $850 thousand to US $1.5 Million. To reserve your 'Piece of the Peninsula', please contact us today.

Lot R 1-A
Size - .5 = 21,780/sf
Comment : Hillside lot with fantastic North West sea and Mountain view looking down the Peninsula.

Lot R -1
Size - .7 = 3 0 ,492/sf
Comment : Very nice hillside lot.

Lot R-2
Size - .98 acres = 42,688/sf
Comment : Very nice waterfront lot with access to a protected cove.

Lot R- 3
Size - .7 acres = 30,492/sf
Comment : Hillside lot.
Lot R-4 : Under contract.
Size - .62 acres = 27,007/sf
Comment : Waterfront lot on point. Easy access to water.

Lot R-5
Size - .71 acres = 30,927/sf
Comment : Hill side lot. Nice corner lot.

Lot R-6
Size - .7 acres = 30,492/sf
Comment : Waterfront lot. Nice wide lot located on a bluff.
Lot R-7
Size - .95 acres = 41,382/sf
Comment : Water front lot. Very nice lot with flat bluff.
Lot R-8
Size - .8 acres = 34,848/sf
Comment : Water front lot.
Lot R-9
Size - .73 acres

Comment : Water front lot.
Lot R-10
Size - .8 acres = 34,848/sf
Comment : Water front lot. Great lot with little bluff and easy water access.
Lot R-11
Size – 1.35 acres = 58,806/sf
Comment : Water front lot. Very nice lot with easy access to water. Alongside green space.

Lot prices will be increased with the completion of infrastructure and landscaping, the turnover of sales, and commencement of villa development.

Lot prices will also be reflected by the upcoming Real Estate season and the development and sales of the neighbouring Christophe Harbour with its proposed Marina and Tom Fazio 18 hole Championship Golf course.

The above information is believed to have been gathered from reliable sources, but is based upon information gathered from third parties, therefore may not be complete or totally accurate.



Lot prices range from US $850 thousand to US $1.5 Million. To reserve your 'Piece of the Peninsula', please contact us today.