MARINA SLIPS by Christophe Harbour

Approved for Economic Citizenship

This emerging port-of-call will soon be the preeminent Caribbean destination for the discerning traveler, the naturalist, the sportsman, the yachtsman, the connoisseur.

This is the most ideal of natural settings for an unparalleled harbour. Gentle prevailing winds, protected entrance, safe inner harbour, and immediate proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea all converge at Christophe Harbour making it the ultimate yachting destination.





To encourage and induce the home porting of mega-yachts, all import duties and other government charges associated with the importation and selling of fuel and petroleum products have been waived.

Yacht and airplane personnel are exempt from all work permit requirements and fees (exclusive of minimal departure taxes and landing fees) for all activities related to their employment as a member of a yacht or airplane crew.

Christophe Harbour will be a designated port of entry with streamlined customs and immigration services.

Christophe Harbour resort hotels will provide yacht owners and their guests access at a reduced rate to their spas, other hotel services, and beaches. One elegant beach facility will be at Majors Bay, and another will be located on one of several pristine beaches at Christophe Harbour.

There will be no taxes or government charges until 2030 for yachts, planes, helicopters, or other vessels visiting or based at Christophe Harbour.

The government will designate the marina at Christophe Harbour as a port of entry and maintain appropriately staffed Customs Houses.

There will be no taxes or other government charges on food and beverage items, consumable items, or any similar items sold at Christophe Harbour that are used and/or consumed on yachts (except for food and beverage import duties, which are assessed at greatly reduced rates).

There will be no taxes or other government charges on goods, materials, vehicles, fixtures, or equipment used for or in connection with yachts visiting or based at Christophe Harbour until 2030.

At Christophe Harbour, yacht owners and crew are exempt from all foreign currency exchange control, restrictions, and regulations and all withholding and foreign exchange government charges of any type.

Yacht owners and crew will have full freedom and authorization from the government to repatriate and otherwise export all monies and property in the course of their business or to hold in any financial institution or bank in St. Kitts or elsewhere accounts of whatever type in any currency whatsoever. The US dollar is a widely used currency in St. Kitts and will be the currency used at Christophe Harbour.

Recreation, exercise, entertainment, and lodging areas will be available for all captains and crew members.

The above information is believed to have been gathered from reliable sources, but is based upon information gathered from third parties, therefore may not be complete or totally accurate.



  • Christophe Harbour will encompass more than 2,500 acres, 6 exquisite beaches, luxury hotels, a marina village, and a mustplay Tom Fazio golf course, all master planned by an experienced, dependable developer. The harbour will consist of roughly 250 acres of water surface.
  • Marina will accommodate mega-yachts 300 slips with 50 - 60 slips accommodating 85' - 300' + mega-yachts. 20,000 linear feet are planned in total.
  • Safe inner harbour Protected berthing Professionally designed ease of navigation
  • Mega-yacht Welcome Center
  • Yacht Club for yacht owners
  • Captain's Lounge (operated at 5-star service levels by a Christophe Harbour hotel)
  • Full concierge services for all yacht owners, their guests, and captains
  • Dockside provisioning for food, wine, chandlery, etc.
  • CC TV security systems and night security
  • Freshwater hookups
  • Dockside US/European quality power needs up to 600A
  • Convenient in-slip cable hookups to include: TV, high speed internet (T1 capacity), telephone, and security cameras
  • Wireless communication / WiFi access
  • In-slip fueling hookup for boats over
  • 60' / pump speed at minimum of 60 gallons per minute
  • Approach and dockside depths to 18' MLW
  • In-slip wastewater services for boats exceeding 100'
  • In-slip factory services for boats exceeding 100'
  • In-slip waste oil removal
  • Daily refuse pickup
  • State-of-the-art crew facilities for showering and relaxing
  • Private lockers and storage
  • ISPS compliance
  • Fully equipped fire extinguishing system
  • Tie-up assistance
  • Heavy concrete construction throughout
  • Yacht repair, cleaning, and maintenance services
  • Engineering and design by Applied Technology and Management, Inc. (ATM)